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Jun. 25 - Jun. 30, 2015, Changchun, China



Because of the asymptotic freedom of strong interaction, how to understand the nuclear matter properties is a significant and difficult problem both theoretically and experimentally. Meanwhile, because of the sign problem, lattice simulation is not applicable in high density region. So that, any exploration of the nuclear matter properties, either at the model level or at the effective theory level, is valuable.

To discuss the physics in this respect, from June 25, 2015 – June 30, 2015 we will have a workshop in Changchun on Dense Matter from Chiral Effective Theories. The purpose of this workshop is to gather together about 30 of the world-leading theoretical experts in this field, to enable a thorough exchange of information, to discuss the existing results and to strongly contribute to the future of: Chiral effective theories based on fundamental QCD; Phase structure of hadronic matter; Nuclear matter properties from holographic QCD models; Strangeness in dense matter and; High density EOS relevant to compact stars.


1.Chiral effective theories based on fundamental QCD

2.Phase structure of cold nuclear matter

3.Nuclear matter properties from holographic QCD models

4.Strangeness in cold dense matter

5.High density EOS relevant to compact stars

6.Nucleon-meson bound state


Apr. 14, 2015 -- Anouncement for First Cicular of DM15


Organizer's Committee

Masayasu Harada (Nagoya Univ./Nagoya)

De-Fu Hou (Huazhong Normal Univ./Wuhan)

Mei Huang (IHEP/Beijing)

Hyun-Kyu Lee (Hanyang Univ./Hanyang)

Yong-Liang Ma (Jilin Univ./Changchun)

Guang-Xiong Peng (UCAS,IHEP/Beijing)

Mannque Rho (CEA/Saclay)

Hai-Jun Wang (Jilin Univ. /Changchun)

Qing Wang (Tsinghua Univ./Beijing)

Qiang Zhao (IHEP/Beijing)

Shan-Gui Zhou (ITP/Beijing)

Hong-Shi Zong (Nanjing Univ./Nanjing)


China Center of Advanced Science and Technology (CCAST),

Theoretical Physics Research Center for Science Facilities (TPCSF)

Jilin University

College of Physics, Jilin University

Physical Society of Jilin Province.


College of Physics, Jilin University.

Center of Theoretical Physics, Jilin University.


Preliminary! The final list will be available after the conference.

Chen Chen University of Science and Technology of China
Yu-Bing Dong IHEP/Beijing
Dong-Liang Fang Jilin University
Hong-Tao Feng Southeast University
Hui-Feng Fu Tsinghua University
Kenji Fukushima Tokyo U. Japan
Zhi-Hui Guo Hebei Normal University
Masayasu Harada Nagoya University
Bing-Ran He Nagoya University
Mei Huang IHEP/Beijing
Shao-Zhou Jiang Guanxi University
Li-Ping Jin Jilin University
Toru Kojo University of Illinois
Jian Li Jilin University
Guang-Zhou Liu Jilin University
Hao Liu IHEP/Beijing
Yan-Rui Liu Shandong University
Yu-Xin Liu Pekin University
Wei-Xing Ma IHEP/Beijing
Jia-Lun Ping Nanjing Normal University
Mannque Rho CEA/Saclay
C. D. Roberts Argonne National Laboratory
Jirina Stone Oxford University
Nicholas Stone Oxford University
Chao Shi Nanjing University
Hai-Jun Wang Jilin University
Qing Wang Tsinghua University
Tian-Hong Wang Harbin Institute of Technology
Shu-Sheng Xu Nanjing University
Yan Xu Changchun Observatory, NAO, CAS
Lang Yu IHEP/Beijing
Chong-Xing Yue Liaoning Normal University
Guo-Mo Zeng Jilin University
Ming Zhong National University of Defense Technology
Xian-Hui Zhong Hunan Normal Univ.


the locations of the accomodations and conference
Click on the image for enlarged ones

During the conference all the participants will be staying at the hotel of Junyi which is located to the northeast of the campus.

Lunches will be served at the Falculties' dining hall in the southwest of the campus.

A 15 minute walk is needed to get to the conference room from the hotels. All the locations and directions a illustrated on the image of the maps above.

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Local Transportations

How to reach us

Qianwei south campus is the main campus of Jilin University, it is located in the southwest of Changchun, the capital city of Jinlin University.

To reach us, the best way is to take the taxi, it costs about 30 rmb($5) from the east or main train station of Changchun to the hotel, and a trip from the Longjia Airport of Changchun to the hotel usually costs around 120 rmb($20). If you want to make use of the public transportations, here are the instructions.


If you come to Changchun by plane, here is how you could get to the hotel from the airport:

1. Take the airpoet shuttle bus No. 1 and get off at the sotp 'Renmin Guangchang'(People's Square) and walk through the Circle of People's Square to the south to take bus 13, take off at the Stop 'XiuZheng' and walk to the east for about 130 meters you could find the hotel.

2.Take bus 6 or high speed train at the aiport(follow the signs at the airport to get to the train station), get off at Changchun Station and take Tram No.3 get off at Stop 'Qianjin Avenue' and walk to the south along Weiming Street till the end, turn right you will see the hotel.

Changchun Railway Station

Generally, one doesn't need to transfer between different lines from the station to the hotel:

1.Take Tram No.3 get off at Stop 'Qianjin Avenue' and walk to the south along Weiming Street till the end, turn right you will see the hotel.

1.Take Bus 222 outside of the train station and get off at Stop 'Xiuzheng Rd.' and walk to the east along the Xiuzheng Rd till the end, turn right you will see the hotel.

Changchun West Station

The West station is located far away from the city center and it is not so convenient to adopt the public transportations.

Walk to the Bus stop of 'Changchun Xi' from the exit of the Station following the sign. Take Bus 55 and get off at Stop 'Kuanping Avenue' then walk to the next Stop with the same name and take Bus 222 and get off at Stop 'Xiuzheng Rd', walk along the Xiuzheng Rd to the east until you see the hotel.

Question concerning the Transportation?Contact Us

College of Physics, Jilin University
2699 Qianjin Avenue, Changchun, China